Frequently asked questions

What is JustRun?

JustRun is a free weekly, virtually 5k time trial that enables you to measure your performance against others and track your improvement.

All you need to do is run or walk your 5k any time on a Saturday* and then upload your time. We’ll collate all the times and produce a leader board – so you’ll be able to compare your performance with like-minded JustRunners.

Run or walk your 5k using your favourite route or complete the session indoors on a treadmill. Just so long as you can submit evidence of your run.

If cycling is your thing then JustRide allows you to complete a weekly, virtual 10 mile bike ride.

* In the early days we’ll be allowing you to run or walk your 5k at any point over the weekend

Who can take part?

JustRun is open to everybody regardless of age, ability, gender or location. If you can run or walk 5k – then you’re a JustRunner!!

Is it just for runners?

Although the majority of those taking part will be runners, we actively encourage those new to running, who will walk and run; and we also want to see as many walkers as possible joining us too!

And, if you prefer, you can take part in JustRide, our cycling equivalent, and cover 10 a virtual 10 mile bike ride.

So, can I walk?

Of course. All strollers, amblers, fast walkers and Captain Toms welcome!

How do I sign up?

Simply head to our registration page and let us have a few details. Once registered you’re ready to go. Then once you’ve completed your weekend run or walk, simply upload details of your time plus evidence of your session.

Do I need a fitness device?

It’s certainly much easier if you have Garmin, Strava or a similar fitness device but it’s not compulsory. If you like you can simply take a photo of your treadmill reading and send that to us. But please don’t stress – if you’re struggling to record or send evidence of your run or walk – just drop us a line at and we’ll do what we can to help.

When can I run?

JustRun is a virtual running event taking place every Saturday, which means you can participate and complete the distance from anywhere in the world, including treadmill runs. All we ask is that you run within the published government advice and adhere to appropriate social distancing guidelines.

JustRide allows you to complete a virtual 10 mile time trial – indoors or outdoors.

How far do I run?

JustRun is a weekly 5k time trial and so you need to run at least 5k – JustRiders need to complete 10 miles on your outdoor bike of indoor cycling machine.

Can we run in groups?

JustRun is designed for solo runners but, so long as you stick to the current rules about social gatherings, its fine to run as part of an allowed group – just make sure you respect social distancing regulations.

Do I have to run exactly 5k?

Ideally yes. But, if you run more than 5k (or cycle more than 10 miles), we’ll adjust your time down using your pace to estimate your 5k ‘result’. Unfortunately, we cannot accept submissions of less than 5k (or 10 miles for JustRide).

How do I submit my time?

Once you’ve completed your session, simply complete the results submission form on the 'Submit Result' page and upload your evidence – plus, if you’ve taken a selfie, share it with us!

What if I submit the wrong results details?

If you have submitted an incorrect detail on your result submission. Just email and we can amend it for you.

How do I check the results?

As soon as you have uploaded your time, you’ll appear on our results leader board on the 'Results' page.

We’ll also email you a set of results after the weekend.

I’m disabled, can I still take part?

Of course. So long as you are able to cover the distance safely, we’d love you to be part of JustRun or JusrRide.

Do you have other virtual events?

These are strange times we are living through and although you’re probably used to seeing us at live events, we are offering a wide range of virtual events. We have monthly races and monthly challenges – and we also manage virtual events on behalf of a number of race partners.

Visit the 'Events' page for the latest list.

Can children and animals take part?

Feel free to share your JustRun with your pooch or moggy – but unfortunately, they cannot have their own JustRun profile. No such restrictions for youngsters there.

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